Our Team

Our main asset is an exciting and enthusiastic team. Professional teams enable us  to provide professional service. We recruit the most talented individuals. We offer employee development and technical training programs so us to improve the creativity, skills and understanding of our professional team. Employee development programs are practiced  weekly include ; e-learning programs, attending taxation and accounting seminars, and pursuing  the Tax Brivet (Certification), as well as further Study.



I Kadek Agus Ardika.,SE.,M.Si.,AkI Kadek Agus Ardika, SE., SH., M.Sc., Ak is co-founder and senior partner of LMATS Consulting. He has over than 13 years of experience as a tax consultant. He completed his bachelor degree in Accounting at Udayana University in 2002, earned a Master of Accountancy (Major Degree) from the Udayana University in 2010 and earned his law degree Year 2013, I Kadek Agus Ardika is registered tax consultant who has obtained a tax consultant license from the Director General of Taxation with qualification certificates A, B and C. He is registered as a tax Attorney in tax Court (2011), and also as a lecturer at Warmadewa University Department of Taxation (2012 – current).

Ida Bagus SuambaIda Bagus Suamba., SH is a partner of LMATS Consulting. He finished his law degree at the University of Udayana In 1989. He had working experience for more than 30 Years in the Tax Office. His experience a tax authority from the Executive (1976 – 1989), Section Head of Finance and Tax Audit Tax Office Denpasar (1993 – 1994), Head of Sub-Section Cutting and Collection of Income Tax Verification Tax Office Denpasar (1995 – 1998), Head of Sub-Section of VAT Tax Office Denpasar (1999), Head of the Tax Extension Tax Office Maumere (2000-2001), Head of Section Cutting and Collection of Income Tax Office Sukabumi (2002-2003) and the head of corporate income tax office Sumbawa Besar (2004-2006). He Retired in 2007 and became an  LMATS partner in 2008. He is a Registered Tax Consultant Certificate A and B. He is a Senior Tax Advisor for the various tax sectors.

MADE RENATA DWI ARSANAI Made Dwi Renata Arsana., SST is a partner of LMATS Consulting. He is a dedicated young businessman. He finished his Bachelor Degree in Accounting form Bali State Polytechnic In 2009. He has 4 year’s experience as aTax Consultant. Joining LMATS Consulting in 2009 as Tax Supervisor. He is a  registered tax consultant who has obtained his tax consultant license from the Director General of Taxation certificate A in 2013. At the beginning of 2014, he became a partner in LMATS Consulting as a Senior Tax Advisor for individual taxpayers.






I Gusti Ngurah Eka Putra Wijaya.,SST Operating Manajer
2 Gede Udik Apriadi Supervisor
3. I Dewa Gede Sumerta Yasa.,SE Team Leader
4. Nyoman Budiartis Team Leader
5. Ni Nyomana Triana Dewi Manajemen Team
6. Ni Putu Ayu Warminingsih Manajemen Team
7. Ida Ayu Widasuari Manajemen Team
8. A.A Made Oka Erni Manajemen Team
9. I Komang Ariana.,SE Manajemen Team
10. I Gede Arsana Manajemen Team
11. Ni Putu Sita Mahadewi.,SE Teknis Team
12. Ni Putu Sita Mahadewi Teknis Team
13. Nindy Ellysa Teknis Team
14. I Kadek Nova Adiana Teknis TeamI
15. Ni Nyoman Trisna Dewi Teknis Team
16. Agung Wirya Budhi Kusuma Teknis Team
17. Gusti Agung Prama Yoga Teknis Team
18. I Wayan Kani Arta,SST Teknis Team
19. Luh Dita Erlina Devi Teknis Team
20. Rudi Wahyu Swandi Teknis TeamI
21. Ni Luh Putu Anik Meliawati Teknis Team
22. Ni Made Jayeng Matsyarini.,SE.,Ak Branch Office Team
23. Sonny Martini Rouff,SE.,Ak Branch Office Team