Our Service

Since its founding, LMATS Consulting has earned the trust of a growing number of clients. We provide objective and independent service to local and national companies, as well as multinational companies doing business in Indonesia. As a tax consultant, we assist in tax planning before a business transaction is executed.

We assist taxpayers to know their rights and fulfill their tax obligations  as appropriate, both for the current and previous years. We can act as representative or an advisor.

We provide consulting services on a regular basis and incidental, tax problems, whether general or specific. Tax consultations are done through meetings or other means as appropriate. LMATS Consulting has provided quality advice and service to  more than 100 clients. Our  partners and our staff endeavor to understand every aspect of our client’s business.

Our services as a tax consultant include:

Taxation services which includes:

  1. Tax Planning (Tax Management)
  2. Tax Administration Services
  3. Tax Consulting Services
  4. Tax Compliance Services
  5. Tax Assesment Assistance
  6. Tax Objection and Appeal
  7. Tax Refund

Management Services include:

Tax & Accounting Training, seminars, Employee recruitment and system design.

Accounting Service includes:

Accounting field services include Auditing, Compliance Finacial Report, Preparation of Financial Statements, and other accounting services.