About Us

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LMATS Consulting is a Registered Tax Consultant Level- C by the Direktorate General Of Tax that can provide complete  tax service for all clients. We are  also Registered as aTax Court Attorney in Tax Court. Since its founding in 2003, LMATS Consulting has earned the trust of an ever growing number of clients. We provide objective and independent advice to national firms, as well as to multinational companies doing business in Indonesia.

LMATS Consulting provides a broad range of Tax and Accounting services. We have been working as Tax and Accounting Consultants for more than 10 years and always provide the best services to all clients. Client satisfaction is what drives us. Our goal always is to guide clients to achieving their full business potential. We devise win-win solutions that lead to profitable results based on the regulation

Our Commitment

As a tax consultant, we will serve professionally and prioritize our quality of service. We will focus on areas of business in accordance with the best of our  ability and experience, as well as keeping confidentiality and the trust that has been given. Our commitment in tax consulting services are always to  provide objective and comprehensive advice on tax issues encountered base on the regulation. With our knowledge and experience as a tax consultant, we understand the problem at hand and will arrive at solutions to reach the desired goals

Branch Office

Based on the support and trust of a growing number of clients, in 2011 LMATS Consulting opened a branch office located on Jl. Imam Bonjol, Abian Base, Denpasar.  In January 2015  LMATS Consulting opened another branch office located at Jl. Kenyeri No.65B, Denpasar – Bali

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

LMATS Consulting throught out its existence always had a Social Responsibility Program, both internal and external. Some Corporate Social Responsibility have been done include : education for employees, family gatherings, employee healthcare program, donations to orphanage and becoming a foster parent